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I've found, both personally and professionally, that the way that I get anything done is usually by using or creating a task list.  Lists are concise points that allow for easy reading while offering bite-sized concepts for simple comprehension and execution.  Know that it's more difficult to present an idea in a simple format versus a complicated format.  If you've read anything I've written, you know how true and dear that is to me.  My convictions and instructions are crafted to make sense to every person, selling or serving anything, behind any counter or desk.


I'm offering the following Trench Marketing Lists as tools for you to grow your business or enhance your career.  I've created some of these lists from personal experience and/or extensive research.  There is a heavy hospitality slant, but most concepts can be translated to retail and general business with ease.


Purchase these helpful checklists: 

6 Steps to Better Listening:

Earn more clients by gaining a greater understanding of their needs. These  easy-to-follow steps will help you do that. Watch your sales grow! 

Buy Now: $.99




8 Tips for Upselling:

Most every business can exploit Upselling. Get to know what your prospect really needs and then tailor the experience and/or product for them. These tips will show you how.

Buy Now: $.99





18 Rules to Working a Booth Mega-Successfully:

If you are working a booth promoting a product or service These tips will show you how.

Buy Now: $.99






Coming soon:

  • Store Opening checklist

  • 10 Steps on How to Get Free Press

  • 5 Ways to Sell More Appetizers

  • 5 Steps to Coaching Your Employees

  • Event Planning Checklist

  • 7 Secrets to Creating a Menu

  • Cash Drawer Check

  • Inventory Check

  • Trench Marketing Checklist

  • Business Partner Development Sheet

  • 9 Steps to Trade Area Development (pin map)

  • Phone Scripting & Phone Messages

  • Cleaning Checklist

  • Store Closing Checklist  

I have enjoyed reading the book.  It has coined some of my thoughts about the simple yet important things that can make a business successful.  Wonderful thoughts that are expressed with extreme simplicity.


Emmanuel Haynes

Manager - Agribusiness, Bank of Saint Lucia

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