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I'm Rudy. I help people that are sick & tired of wasting advertising dollars on programs that don’t work to successfully grow their retail or restaurant business and crush their competition.

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The Marketing in the Trenches philosophy will change how you see your business and send customers to your door in droves. Watch the video below to learn more.

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Marketing from the Trenches is a must-read for every hospitality business owner, manager, and entrepreneur. Through anecdotes, real-life experiences, and documented growth trends, the book reveals to the reader proven methods that will grow their business. The increasing endorsements are a testament to the author's growing list of followers.

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Sales Greatness.


Explore our certification course and homestudy programs. Work one-on-one with Trench Marketing specialist and founder Rudolph Waldner to make your hospitality sales and business sharp.

Rudy Waldner / Trench Marketer

“I’ve implemented Rudy’s program in several different industries, from mall retail to free-standing. The message hits the mark: getting managers out there and talking to their customers is the only way to go to get their commitment and grow the business. And, managers and staff love to interact with customers once they understand how to. 

     I highly recommend Marketing from the Trenches. It is a tried-and-true program for successful sales growth.”

Bob Kalafut

Vice President of Operations

Barnies Coffee & Tea Company, Inc., Florida



“Rudy's definition of marketing is as good as it gets. The interviewing stuff was great. Unless you can surface someone’s passion, you never really see who he or she is. Candidates that others pass up as reserved or low potential have turned out to be superstars for me when I got past the superficial crap and got them to talk about what they love.”


John McNamara

Chief Marketing Officer



Rudy Waldner is the “bomb” when it comes to generating great marketing ideas for just about any product or service. His suggestions and ideas effectively increased our auditions turnout and generated additional income for the venue as well as the show!

Carol Ozemhoya

Creator, “Who's Got That Vibe!”

Atlanta's Premiere Talent Show!



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