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Online Course Work 

Onsite Certification

One-on-One Coaching

Online Course Work/Certification:


Through emails and assignments, Trench Marketing Specialist and Founder, Rudolf Waldner will walk you through his Marketing from the Trenches Certification Program. Included in the program is the Trench Marketing Workbook.


Tasks will include but not be limited to: 


  • creating a press release for your business, 

  • scheduling an event, 

  • building business partnerships, 

  • customer surveys, 

  • competitive surveys, 

  • creating a Trench Marketing schedule, 

  • opening and closing checklists, 

  • and so much more. . .


Once completed and vetted, a certificate of completion will be awarded.




"I wanted to give you an update on how our business has progressed since implementing your customized recommendations and the principles detailed in your book, Marketing from the Trenches.

     As you know, it’s only been thirty-eight days since we rolled-out your recommendations on June 4th. However, the improvement in our business has been dramatic. Our transaction volume has increased 90% for the first thirty-eight days since implementation as compared to the thirty-eight days prior to implementation.

     Our fees have increased by 128%, and new customers acquired have increased 867% for the same comparable period. Not too bad!    

     Since there are only 24 hours in the day, we haven’t implemented ALL of your recommendations yet. We are chipping away at our list, and expect more improvement as we complete the rollout.

     I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us transform our business. You’re the greatest!


Dave Burns

Proprietor, 24 Hour Check Cashing





Onsite Inspection/Certification:


Do you need a more hands-on approach? This package includes everything mentioned above plus:


  • Secret Shoppers and

  • Onsite Inspection by Founder Rudolf Waldner

  • and a few other covert tactics


Discover what you are falling short in the Trench Marketing system and receive one-on-one guidance to correct it.



"After only one hour teaching my staff the straightforward methods in Mr. Waldner's book, our company sales increased 31% (YOY) in only one month. One venue realized a 105% increase in the first week!"


Brian T. Skinner

General Manager GO Concessions



"Rudy's simple, three-step process crosses all languages, ages, education and industries, insuring success for all who are disciplined and committed. In addition to Piccolo, I have four different retail businesses that grew from Day One after we rolled out Marketing from the Trenches. This book is a priceless addition to any training program.”


Tom Valenti

Proprietor, Piccolo Ristorante

New York



“Rudy Waldner mixes his folksy style with his must-read marketing tips. Who needs a high-priced marketing agency? Waldner’s no-nonsense approach is guaranteed to grow your business!”


Roxanne A. Jones

Vice President & Senior Coordinating Editor

ESPN Inc., New York



“This is a great read with several gems to run your business by. It should be required reading for any level management, from the single-store manager and employees all the way back to the ivory tower. 

     The theme of cooperative marketing by tenants in the same shopping area is exactly right and should be common sense to any management team trying to succeed. I have always pushed non-negotiable standards to store operators. It is great to see the same approach by a marketing genius.”


James Whatley

Former Operations Director

Blockbuster, United Kingdom






In 2010, 24 Hour Check Cashing was an eleven-year-old check cashing service with declining revenue and profit, due in part, to fewer employers issuing payroll checks to their employees, opting instead to use pay cards or requiring direct deposit into a bank checking account. Payroll checks were our bread and butter, and unfortunately, they were declining to the point that our company would soon become marginally profitable, or forced to close our doors.


Fortunately, we were referred to Rudy Waldner, who agreed to help us transform our business.  We reviewed every aspect including our facility, people, management, marketing, products, and technology. As we soon discovered, the declining number of payroll checks to cash wasn’t our only issue.


We started with our “place” by rearranging and color coding different stations in our lobby to improve the customer flow. We adopted the mantra “cleanliness equals credibility” by systematically cleaning the floor, counters, windows, and doors at the beginning of each shift. We piped in music from Pandora, added air freshener, installed a digital menu board to promote all of our products including loans (which became our predominant revenue source over the coming years), as well as adding a privacy partition at the loan application window. Our lobby is pleasant, more efficient, and has a really great vibe since making these simple and inexpensive changes.


My biggest concern was finding a new product that we could introduce to bring in more revenue. We had a very modest payday loan business, which was generating $1,500 a month in revenue. Rudy suggested we leverage this business into a significant revenue stream by improving our marketing, signage, communication (scripts), application process, and underwriting. This became a $200,000 product line for us in two years. Subsequently, we added two additional loan products that contribute an additional $135,000 in revenue by utilizing the same marketing and processes Rudy helped us develop and refine for the payday loan product.


Our marketing started with updated signage that emphasized the loan product and our telephone number. We launched a “Refer a Friend” program to find new loan customers, which is very cost effective since we only incur an expense when we add a new customer. Satisfied customers refer their friends and family on a regular basis. We added a Google Places page, which began to increase our local search results for our key products. A comprehensive website with an online loan application was developed to streamline the process for new customers, which in turn, frees up the lobby for returning customers who are able to conduct their business without delay. The website was designed to optimize six critical search terms related to our increasingly loan-oriented business, resulting in 300 to 600 organic online loan applications per month.


We embraced technology by utilizing state of the art loan management software, debit card payment processing and text messaging.  These investments allowed us to easily manage a growing loan portfolio, expand our universe of potential customers, provide customers with more convenient payment options and communicate in a more discreet manner.


Last, but not least, Rudy conducted a management workshop that really opened my eyes. Everything else we were doing wouldn’t have the desired effect unless we had the right team and the right culture. As difficult as it was, I knew we had to make personnel changes and say goodbye to some long-term, loyal employees. As this process took place over time, the new hires didn’t always work out. But I was determined to get it right. We ended up hiring nine and terminating ten employees over three years. Throughout the process, we provided the staff with continuous reinforcement of our values, how we do business, and why. Over time, we were able to change the culture.


At the same time, we also had to address our hours of operation. For eleven years, we were one of only two 24/7 check cashing services in our market. This was one of Rudy’s very first observations. I resisted the idea of shortening our hours of operation because I knew we would lose check cashing business to our competitors. As hard as it was, I had to realize that we were transitioning from a check cashing service to more of a diversified financial services business, and that compressing our hours of operation would provide many benefits, despite losing some check cashing fees. We now operate nine hours daily, Monday through Saturday.


Compressing our hours of operation allowed us to reduce staff from 6 FTE to 2 FTE and 3 PT employees, saving $90,000 in annual compensation expense. However, the two key full-time employees have increased their compensation by 45%, and they now view their positions more as careers and less like jobs. Our current staff has 19 years of combined service. 


Customers prefer working with a stable, friendly staff. We can now have two to four employees on hand at any time so that online requests, telephone calls, and lobby traffic can all be handled simultaneously and promptly.


We were correct five years ago that check cashing revenues were poised fall. They have in fact dropped by $175,000. The good news is that we have added $340,000 in loan revenue and our overhead is $40,000 less than five years ago. Most importantly, the customers and staff are happy, and the owner doesn’t have to be present for the business to run smoothly. Disaster averted. Thanks, Rudy!


Dave Burns

Waldo Financial







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