For The Student That Is Ready

"This book is for people who are ready for an essential tool, as part of a plan of action. Success is yours if you will do your part."

Al Katkowsky


The true measure of value is not whether something is worth what you paid for it. What you bought must somehow be worth more than what you paid for it. No one wants to come out "even." Why bother? You're back where you started.


Since releasing my own book, Question Of The Day - Where Truth Is The Dare, I have developed more of a keen eye for what qualifies as "value" in the publishing marketplace.


Rudy's book sometimes reads as a book to me, though it often reads as a manual. That is because it is a book about doing, not about accumulating ideas. As a person who has spent considerable time working in the restaurant business, I can tell you that this book is packed with value. The things I recall being done properly, as well as the things that could easily have been done better and the things that went undone, became clearer in my memory as I juxtaposed Rudy's book with my own experience.


This is the book you want to lay out on a counter top and keep propped open through the day; the dog-eared book with every fourth page or so winding up coffee stained. Here, essential retail knowledge is uniquely interwoven with the things they don't teach you; the things that Rudy learned hands-on over most of his life. Will you learn in time? Just how long might that be? Will it be too late?


This book is about action, and reading it is a tiny fraction of what is involved. Success is action first, then correction, then action again. Repeat. Anyone who has implemented Rudy's strategies can immediately tell you the principles that are involved. 


As Robert Kiyosaki says, if you don't have a strong enough "why" for doing things, you will always seek out an easier way. Rationalizing inaction is a way that people often choose, rather than dealing with the fact that they need to do serious work. If you are not yet ready to take action and make positive changes, I think it's fair to take responsibility for this and prepare to either redouble your efforts or bail out, rather than drag down the good work of a good man.


This book is for people who are ready for an essential tool, as part of a plan of action. Success is yours if you will do your part.

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