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Read what clients and readers have to say about Trench Marketing.

“This exceptional marketing guide is packed with effective, easy-to-implement strategies guaranteed to grow any business. Rudy’s common-sense approach, cultivated through hands-on experience in many retail industries, should be widely adopted as standard practice in today's small and commercial business models.”

Jaime De La Vega

Former Operations Manager

Avis Car Rentals,

New York / Florida



“Rudy’s Marketing from the Trenches redefines and elevates the meaning of keep-it-simple. After reading this give-it-to-me-now-and-fast-guide, I found that all my previous anxieties and insecurities concerning starting my own business had virtually disappeared. I thought to myself, “huh, so that’s all it takes.”

     Rudy’s strategies consider the whole human being. His teachings are so successful because they come from truly decent and admirable ideals that are taught to us from birth. With Marketing from the Trenches, Rudy reminds us that it is okay and profitable to trust our instincts and to simply “do unto others as you would have them do onto you.”


Donell Nixon

Former Major League Baseball Player

Strike-Out Foundation President & CEO





"It was a pleasure to meet you. I really appreciate the information that you shared, it was wonderful and positive and affirming and EXACTLY what I needed to hear after a long couple of weeks of work. Starting my own business is at the forefront, which is why I wanted to come hear your lecture. Even though I was tired, I forced myself to attend and it turned out to be even better than I had hoped and I never would have expected to get so much and be part of such a special group. THANK YOU for sharing what you wrote, believe, and are! And for inspiring me."


Kari Hirst Starkey

The Yippee Yi Yo Show




"Reading and following the strategies outlined in Marketing from the Trenches was and continues to be an enlightening experience.  Its beauty lies in the simplicity.  We have wasted thousands of dollars in print advertising and can honestly state that we receive a much higher return on investment by following Rudy’s 3 Ps which applies to all businesses.  Whether you have a physical store location or you sell services through a virtual storefront, I would highly recommend this plan to any business owner who wishes to maximize their sales potential."

John DeGrazio

CEO, Founder

Y Explore Yosemite Adventures




"Waldner's marketing tips are accessible enough for students, practical enough for first-time retail business people and his book contains enough applicable ideas that a seasoned marketer might wish they had written the book first. A nuts and bolts approach that can be implemented, monitored and measured—and marketing doesn't get much better than that." 

Bea Toews

Business Instructor
Anglo-American School
Moscow, Russia



"You rock! I still remember when you first finished this book and I bought a copy, because of the ideas in this book my real estate business is still around in these tough times. My marketing budget is zero yet I still get new clients every month, all from word of mouth from your principles! Your book is dead on in today’s tough economic times."  


Ed Wolf

Red's Real Estate




"“Waldner weaves anecdotes and action plans into a concise strategy for revenue growth. He provides a playbook of behavioral tactics that are both measurable and designed to enhance customer generation. A must read for family business managers, multi-unit managers, first-time managers, and budding entrepreneurs.”


Darren C. Treadway, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Management

University of Mississippi



“Rudy's simple, three-step process crosses all languages, ages, education and industries, insuring success for all who are disciplined and committed. In addition to Piccolo, I have four different retail businesses that grew from Day One after we rolled out Marketing from the Trenches. This book is a priceless addition to any training program.”

Tom Valenti

Proprietor Piccolo Ristorante

New York




“Rudolf's marketing program is brilliant. His presentation is packed with energy and style, drive and determination. He keeps you interested and you leave believing you can slay giants. The only thing better than attending his program was measuring the results! Outstanding.”

Steve Ogden

Former Five-Unit Owner

West Coast Video





“I rolled out Rudy’s program after attending his seminar, and it has become instrumental to the daily success of our marketing efforts. Increasing interaction with customers and establishing business partnerships in our trade areas have been two of the most effective strategies we've applied to enhance our presence. 

     The results are clear and measurable: increased traffic and sales. Marketing from the Trenches is a smart, low-cost method that will steer your business in the right direction and deliver extraordinary results."

Mark McNall

Division Vice President

ACE Cash Express, Inc.



“Waldner's deceptively simple approach to complex marketing strategies has played an invaluable role in increasing our sales and customer service. Inspirational, engaging and motivating, Marketing from the Trenches is required reading for all business owners. Highly recommended!”

Peter Blake

Curator, Peter Blake Gallery




Are you looking for a smart business book to keep you successful in these trying times? Rudy Waldner left us a few copies of his "must have" book “Marketing from the Trenches”.  A quick read that will have you making more money in no times in almost any retail job.


Susan Smelser

Proprietor, The Book Worm


Rudy Waldner / Trench Marketer

“I’ve implemented Rudy’s program in several different industries, from mall retail to free-standing. The message hits the mark: getting managers out there and talking to their customers is the only way to go to get their commitment and grow the business. And, managers and staff love to interact with customers once they understand how to. 

     I highly recommend Marketing from the Trenches. It is a tried-and-true program for successful sales growth.”

Bob Kalafut

Vice President of Operations

Barnies Coffee & Tea Company, Inc., Florida



“Rudy's definition of marketing is as good as it gets. The interviewing stuff was great. Unless you can surface someone’s passion, you never really see who he or she is. Candidates that others pass up as reserved or low potential have turned out to be superstars for me when I got past the superficial crap and got them to talk about what they love.”


John McNamara

Chief Marketing Officer




"Rudy, my class is still talking about the marketing nuggets of gold that you shared with us at Academy of Somatic Healing Arts!  As healers, we rarely get the business end of things.  You made marketing so easy and fun that we should all succeed.  I am looking forward to sharing your insight with every class.  


Carolyn Maggard

   Business Instructor

ASHA School of Massage




“One of the biggest challenges in running a successful Martial Arts school is balancing tradition and business. Rudy's Marketing from the Trenches keeps me right on track.”


Sensei Pedro Ramirez


TUF Martial Arts Academy



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